Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Write what you know...

"This is the oldest rule, but still true today-write what you know. But don't limit that to what you know in your head. Write about what you know in your heart-things you've lived and felt and experienced. Sometimes it's our biggest life challenges that produce our best writing. And, if nothing else, it's cheap therapy. But, honestly, I believe God can use our toughest trials to communicate from the deep places of our souls to others."
-Melody Carlson

Tricia's Thoughts: Write what you know . . . in your heart. I like that. Dig into those dark places. Those bright spots too. Remember your emotions and feelings when going through specific situations--the ones that really stand out in your mind, then transfer those feelings onto the page. No two of us will deal with the same circumstances in life. Yet we all understand pain, joy, fear, hope. And it's at these levels that we connect, and our writing will transform from mere words on the page to experiences that touch hearts.


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