Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Professional eavesdropper...

As a writer—and eavesdropper—I know that genius lives where the language lives. Some witness it, overhearing by chance. I eavesdrop professionally, because such listening makes life a perpetual feast, and because I’m not always smart enough to invent things as powerful as what I hear. Another way to say this: By listening to the glories of conversation around me, I am moved to write, and I am reminded to listen closely to my own most quiet thoughts and dreams. In their inventive talk, my wise neighbors give me permission to take seriously my own internal voice.

--Kim Stafford, The Muses Among Us, 17


Blogger Jim Thompson said...

Writing is the business of repackaging life into a preset format. The more lives creatively thrown into the mix, the better. I love overhearing the "He goes ... I go ... He goes ..." conversations as studies of exaggeration. They reveal the way people see themselves relating to others, and present some of the best comedy we'll ever hear.

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