Friday, December 01, 2006

Good or mediocrity or evil...

“Your imagination is a powerful tool, for good or mediocrity or evil. Begin by consecrating it to God and asking Him to guide you as you write.”

–Linda Nichols

Tricia’s Thoughts:
When it comes to preparing to write, we all have our quirks. I like to have a cup of coffee on my desk. The room has to be quiet, and if it’s winter I need to be dressed in a comfy sweater and fuzzy socks. . . just because. Yet how more important is to prepare our minds by consecrating our imaginations? Most of the time when I write, I blurt out popcorn prayers such as “Lord, help!” or “What now, God?” But this quote encourages me to take those prayers to the next step and offer my mind as a sacrifice to my God—before I begin—giving Him room to bless my thoughts and make them holy. . . for His glory and honor.


Blogger Jim Thompson said...

Without God in my writing, I have no reason to bother with it. Yes, the idea of spinning a good yarn appeals to me, but writing in itself would be little more than time consuming recreation if not for His commission. If I have any talent at all, I owe Him all the effort I expend doing it.

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