Monday, November 27, 2006

Health and the Writer by Camy Tang

Whether you’re a writer who also works a full-time job or are a busy stay-at-home-mom, it’s hard to stay healthy. I researched and figured out a bunch of tips and tricks to help me stay in shape without carving out of my precious writing time. I also found some tips to help me have just general better health. Pick and choose which of these will work for you.

Eat breakfast

Eating a small breakfast actually increases your metabolism so that you burn more fat while just sitting on your bum during the day.

If you skip breakfast, your body’s metabolism is still low from your waking up, and it takes longer for your system to rev up.

You also have a tendency to have a larger lunch if you skip breakfast, which can negate the point of skipping a meal in the first place.

Breakfast is a good place to intake fiber with a high-fiber cereal, high-fiber toast or bagel, or a piece of fresh fruit.

Try to keep your fat count down, though. Have one piece of bacon instead of two. Or three. Use one egg white and one whole egg when you scramble. Use a little less oil when you fry those eggs, too. Take a little less cream cheese on your bagel—or use the low-fat version. Try low-fat milk instead of whole milk.

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