Friday, November 10, 2006

Fiction: Our Objective

Our objective is to change people by putting our stories in their memory; to make the world better by bringing other people face to face with reality, or giving them a vision of hope, or whatever other form our truthtelling might take. You want the widest possible audience to receive this message; when you use your best skills to open up your story to other readers, you aren’t “pandering to the masses,” you’re freely giving your best gifts.

Orson Scott Card, Characters and Viewpoint, p. 17

Tricia’s Thoughts:

One of my favorite movies of all time is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Every time I watch that movie I think, “One person does make a difference.” I think the same thing when I watch “The Sound of Music,” or read books such as Francine Rivers’ “An Echo in the Darkness.” These stories sink into my mind and give me a vision of hope. They also help me discover sweet truth through their weavings. Yet these stories also appeal to the masses. Why? Because everyone needs to know that THEY matter.


Blogger Jim Thompson said...

My introduction to Orson Scott Card was accidental. While browsing for reading material at the library, I happened upon his Bean in the SciFi rack. Card one of the best character-driven authors I've seen, no matter what genre he's writing in.

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