Thursday, May 25, 2006

People, not plots...

Stories come from people. Not from ideas, not from plots. Faulkner gave us the key to our material: “the human heart in conflict with itself”

Meg Files, Write From Life, p. 13


Blogger Jim Thompson said...

Inner conflict is the essence of the natural man, but in Christ we have peace with God. As wonderful as that is, it complicates that inner conflict. The alliance between His Spirit and our human spirit changes our inner balance of power and throws our rebellious, old man into fits of desperation. To that old man, the words, "Lord Jesus, save me," are fightin' words.

The solution? Daily, strengthen the holy, spiritual alliance through prayer and meditation on God's word. Let your renewed mind overwhelm the old man's feeble rationalizations for sin. Wrestle him to the cross and let Jesus finish him off.

That isn't a once-for-all solution, but a daily battle that, with perseverance, will become easier over the years. If we're not ready for the campaign we will ultimately fail.

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