Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Health and the Writer by Camy Tang

Whether you’re a writer who also works a full-time job or are a busy stay-at-home-mom, it’s hard to stay healthy. I researched and figured out a bunch of tips and tricks to help me stay in shape without carving out of my precious writing time. I also found some tips to help me have just general better health. Pick and choose which of these will work for you.

Eating habits:

Rather than a "diet," think about changing your eating habits and your health lifestyle. Choose to eat leaner meats, more vegetables and fruits, and more high-fiber foods. Make small changes at first, then larger ones.

Eat vegetables at every meal. This is an easy tip that helped me improve my eating habits. Fresh or frozen vegetables, raw or cooked, it doesn't matter—just try to include one or more servings of vegetables (and/or fruit) at each meal. Veggies are high in fiber and will help to make you feel full.

Most fitness experts agree that it's better to eat smaller meals every 3 hours than to eat the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This doesn't always fit with everyone's lifestyle, but it's a good goal to aim for if it appeals to you. This method stabilizes blood sugar levels rather than a huge increase and then drop right after a large meal like lunch.



Blogger Tricia Goyer said...

I've been watching what I eat lately and I feel so much better. My favorite lunch these days is homemade veggie soup. Mmmm . . .

Thanks for the tips Camy!

7:38 PM  
Blogger glimpsing gal said...

I've been trying the healthier approach to eating too. I have a 16 yo son and a 18 yo son and for most of their growing-up years I was on some sort of diet. Because I didn't have daughters I never thought about how destructive my yo-yo dieting could be to my children. Until my then 15 year old son began grappling with an eating disorder, losing 60 pounds in one year. Needless to say, it's changed the entire landscape of our lives and now the focus is on eating what our bodies need and want. Deprivation and limitation were never really God's way anyway. Instead, as a family,we're trying to make sure we eat healthily, several times a day, and at least walk a bit. What does this have to do with writing and writing quotes? Well, maybe not much. Except it's forced me to another level as a mother, thus forcing me to yet another level as a writer, facing my fears and discoveries through the tips of my fingertips as I pound out these new life experiences on my keyboard.

6:25 AM  
Blogger Jim Thompson said...

Besides stabilizing ones blood sugar, eating a healthy snack every three hours gets the writer away from the one-eyed idiot and its infernal keyboard periodically. Those breaks will help avoid stiffness and aches--and don't forget that threat of carpal-tunnel from "good" work habits.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Vicki said...

I need help in this area, as my whole body seems to be faling apart. With fibromyalgia, it hurts sitting here all day at the keyboard, so I force myself to walk, stretch, drink more water, and soon to incorporate better eating habits. Thanks for the tips!

9:55 AM  

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