Friday, January 05, 2007

How much to write...

There's no hard and fast rule on how much to write per day. I know great writers who produce just 3-4 polished pages a day. I write only on deadline and I schedule 20 finished pages a day, but then need to go back and polish later. If I get my 20 pages done by noon, great. If it takes till midnight, so be it. I can't allow myself to fall behind. The best rule of thumb is to keep your seat in the chair and work for as long as you have energy, but never submit anything until you know you can't make it better.

–Jerry Jenkins, on a writer’s chat:

Tricia’s Thoughts:
I am amazed by all the new writers striving to be published. I belong to numerous on-line writers groups and there are many fantastic, dedicated men and women out there who strive to see their work in print. How can they get there? The advice from Jerry Jenkins, best selling author of the Left Behind series rings home with me: “Never submit anything until you know you can’t make it better.” The competition is tough, and only those who are willing to become the best of the best will succeed.


Blogger jim said...

Yeah, and I'm one of 'em. Although I'm not shure I should claim to be "striving." At this point I'd like to be published, if a publisher were to find out where I live and come hit me on the head with a contract.

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