Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A daily faith...

In my books I try to depict not a glorious faith with celestial fireworks, but a daily faith, a routine faith, a seven-days-a-week faith. Father Tim's faith is part of his everyday life. He has simple prayers, not polished, pious prayers. He follows the Apostle Paul's command that we pray without ceasing. I try to depict how our faith may be woven into our daily life, like brandy poured into coffee. I believe that spirituality needs to be basic, common, everyday.

~~Jan Karon,


Blogger Jim Thompson said...

As Brother Lawrence might say, "Father Tim Practice(s) The Presence of God." Jan Karon has managed to create the warmest, most human-yet-godly protagonist I've ever met. Her writing exemplifies a multi-leveled style of theme/plot/context/detail, delivered with absolute consistancy.

If you haven't read The Mitford Years series, you're missing a unique, literary love affair.

7:38 AM  

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