Friday, September 22, 2006

One more...

Tempted to quit early? Make yourself this promise: One more sentence. Say this every single time you want to quit early: One more sentence.

--Monica Wood, The Pocket Muse

Tricia’s Thoughts:

I have an article due tomorrow, but today didn’t seem like the day to get it done. Extra kids in the house, an interview at a local radio station, and grocery shopping. Yet, when I arrived home early in the afternoon the deadline wouldn’t leave my mind.
“Just work on the framework,” I told myself. “Then you’ll at least have the layout for tomorrow.”

When that was finished I was surprised by how much I’d written.
“Okay, just insert the quotes from experts, and you’ll be done.” Hmmm, the article is looking in pretty good shape.
“Now, add the subheadings and sidebar,” I told myself.
Wow, now it is really looking like an article.
“You might as well read through it to see how much editing you’ll need to do tomorrow.”
One read through, two, six, ten.
Before I knew it, I was printing the article up for a final read.
“I might as well read it one final time and send it off.”

Today I wrote an article . . . and submitted it one day early.
That “one more sentence” stuff really works.


Blogger Jim Thompson said...

I don't need to write one more sentence. I need to write the first one!

3:02 PM  

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