Thursday, August 17, 2006

Something True...

What’s a good day or night of writing for you? Perhaps it’s when you’ve used your little silver key and opened the book of secrets and lost yourself as you shaped them into a story, an essay, or a poem. Lost yourself and found yourself. Perhaps it’s later when, back in the tangible world around you, you are quietly full and satisfied because you know you have written something true.

Sobbing is allowed.
~Meg Files, Write from Life, p. 25


Blogger Jim Thompson said...

Let's see ... a good day or night of writing is when I've quit procrastinating, plunked my behind in the chair, and cranked out pages or transformed said pages into 24ct gold.

A great day of writing is when I've bled on the keyboard. Physicians used to bleed their patients, hoping that would let the sickness out so they could heal. While that didn't work well physically, it is the key to healing the writer's soul, and the cure for ho-hum writing.

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