Monday, June 26, 2006

Health and the Writer by Camy Tang

Whether you’re a writer who also works a full-time job or are a busy stay-at-home-mom, it’s hard to stay healthy. I researched and figured out a bunch of tips and tricks to help me stay in shape without carving out of my precious writing time. I also found some tips to help me have just general better health. Pick and choose which of these will work for you.


Sometimes (this doesn't work for everyone) it helps to snack on something small (and healthy) every 3 hours whether you're hungry or not. That way, you're not ravenous an hour before dinner and tempted to gobble down your food.

Prepackage it. Make small containers or baggies of specific portions of snacks. Weigh them on a kitchen scale if possible. It'll take a little more time, but it'll help you portion your snacking. When it's snack time, you'll have a convenient package ready to go.

If you're on a low carb diet, eat a small snack of protein (cheese, nuts, yogurt, cottage cheese, salami) before you go munching on carbs. It might take the edge off.

Check out other low-calorie snacks like sugar-free JELLO pudding cups, or children’s size snacks. Some cereals make good high-fiber snacks, especially when you prepackage them in baggies or containers so you don’t just keep munching.

Camy Tang is a novelist also fighting the battle of the bulge. Find out more about her and her books at, or enjoy the read on her blog at



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