Monday, September 04, 2006

Health and the Writer by Camy Tang

Whether you’re a writer who also works a full-time job or are a busy stay-at-home-mom, it’s hard to stay healthy. I researched and figured out a bunch of tips and tricks to help me stay in shape without carving out of my precious writing time. I also found some tips to help me have just general better health. Pick and choose which of these will work for you.


A pound of muscle, even when just resting, burns 30-50 calories during the course of a day.

You heard me right, all you writers sitting in your chairs, staring at the computer screen! You could be burning extra calories just by sitting there!

If you don't belong to a gym, there are many simple muscle-building exercises that don't require expensive or extensive equipment, especially exercises using a dumbbell or a yoga ball. Websites like offer free newsletters with articles on weight-training exercises.

Camy Tang is a novelist also fighting the battle of the bulge. Find out more about her and her books at, or enjoy the read on her blog at



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