Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Marketing Help for Authors!

The members of the CAN (Christian Authors Network) Marketing blog entitled We Can! promote our books, formally welcome you to join our little corner of cyberspace.

Check us out at:

Twelve authors will be participating in this blog:

Monday: Tricia Goyer and Gail Gaymer Martin
Tuesday: Cyndy Salzmann and Allison Bottke
Wednesday: Suzie Eller and Sharon Hinck
Thursday: Susie Larson and Camy Tang
Friday: Mary E. DeMuth and Kathi Macias
Saturday: Jill Nelson and Susan Meissner

We want this blog to be the place authors go if they want to promote, publicize and market their books.

We'll approach this from many different angles, with many different voices. Some of us have many books out, while others are promoting their first. We've all had some level of success in our marketing endeavors, and some blunders too. We'll share interviews, insights, and creative ideas with you with humor, candor and a dose of humility.

It's our hope that you'll tell your friends about this new blog, that you'll dare to make a comment or two, and that you'll walk away from this blog with many practical and insightful ideas.


Tricia Goyer
. . . and the other CAN Marketing Blog Gurus


Blogger Jim Thompson said...

Tricia, will this new blog replace WriterQuotes? Though I'm not promoting a published work, I'll check out the link you provided.

11:23 AM  
Blogger Tricia Goyer said...

No, it will not replace WriterQuotes. I'll be doing both. So keep coming back!

11:47 AM  

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