Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Daily faith...

In my books I try to depict not a glorious faith with celestial fireworks, but a daily faith, a routine faith, a seven-days-a-week faith. Father Tim's faith is part of his everyday life. He has simple prayers, not polished, pious prayers. He follows the Apostle Paul's command that we pray without ceasing. I try to depict how our faith may be woven into our daily life, like brandy poured into coffee. I believe that spirituality needs to be basic, common, everyday.

~~Jan Karon


Blogger Jim Thompson said...

"The hard part about life is that it's so ... daily." The same could be said of faith. Our adrenaline-charged culture conditions us for excitement, demanding that we have fun. That same expectation crosses over to our faith-life, causing us dissatisfaction when we fail to live on the spiritual mountain-top.

Jan Karon's lead characters can help us place daily faith into the right perspective, where we can enjoy the spiritual highs--and lows--as part of the same process: growing into Christ-likeness.

6:50 AM  
Blogger amyanne said...

Wow, Jim your assessment of our culture is so true. I think so many of us (Christian and non-Christian alike) suffer from restless 'life' syndrome. We let the media have too much sway/input into our lives (sometimes we don't even think we're being swayed) and we end up thinking that life is all about the big things, when it's really about the small day-to-day things. Thanks for this reminder, Jim

8:16 AM  

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